The Spring Cleanse
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The Spring Cleanse

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The Spring Cleanse is the perfect all juice cleanse to kick start your health goals.

 Downtown Juice Co cleanses are bursting with life and are designed with optimising your health in mind, giving your digestive system a break and flooding it with bioavailable nutrients.

 A juice cleanse can help press the reset button on how you have been eating and thinking about food. When you fast for 2, 3 or 5 days your body is given a break and allows you time to focus on a healthier way of eating. By taking time out with a juice cleanse you allow your digestive system time to heal and recalibrate.

The juices in Downtown’s cleanses are designed to provide the body with a burst of energy giving nutrients. Rich in energy dense macronutrients and plenty of B group vitamins that help the body unlock that energy, a cleanse floods your system with bioavailable nutrients that get to work straight away

Included with The Spring Cleanse

  • The Downtown Cleanse Guide PDF
  • 5 Day Cleanse info sheet
  • Downtown's exclusive support - access to our nutritionist

Your Daily Juices:

Alpha Shot


Go Getter x 2       

Full of Life 

Rise & Shine x 2

Get Reddy x 2