What is Cold Pressed Juice?

What is cold pressed juice? 

As Geelong’s leading supplier of Cold Pressed Juices and Juice Cleanses, we’re often asked ‘what is cold pressed juice’ and ‘what is the difference with a regular juice cleanse’?  And the biggest question ‘what are the benefits of choosing cold pressed juice’? 

We’re here to answer these questions and more!


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Juice cleansing and detoxing has long been a popular form of ridding your body of toxins and loading it back up with healthy, power-rich nutrients and antioxidants. 

Cold Pressed Juice is made with a hydraulic press which essentially applies thousands of pounds of pressure to ‘squeeze’ the maximum amount of nourishing liquid out of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

In contrast, a centrifugal juice extractor (probably more like the one sitting in the bottom of your cupboard), uses a fast-spinning metal blade that spins against a mesh filter, which separates juice from the flesh via centrifugal force.  The fast-spinning metal blade generates heat, which means some of the enzymes and nutrients are destroyed in the process.

Essentially, the more heat that is created in the process of juicing, the more nutrients that are lost.

Downtown Cold Pressed Juice contains 100% slowly extracted, cold pressed natural fruit and vegetable juice.

We utilise cutting-edge cold press technology to ensure that our juices are jam-packed with the maximum amount of nutrients available to you. And for more good news, cold press juice typically extracts 20-30% more juice from the same fruits and vegetables, creating less waste and landfill.


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What are the benefits of choosing cold pressed juice?

As we’ve described, not all juice is created equal.

The cold press process is what makes Downtown Cold Pressed Juice stand apart from the regular juice. Cold press juice uses a slow pulveriser and hydraulic pressure, to gently squeeze the life force from the produce to create a nutrient-rich liquid.

Centrifugal juicers, on the other hand, will extract juice by using high-powered blades which slice through the produce at high speed-creating heat, degrading many of the vitamins, enzymes, and phytonutrients.

Some of the most amazing health-giving nutrients found in fruit and vegetable are super sensitive and easily destroyed by heat, which makes cold press juicing the perfect way to ensure that the juice you love and enjoy is full of all the good stuff.

Obvious benefits for cold-pressed over regular juice is not only the nutritional value but also the taste and mouthfeel.  Centrifugal juice tends to separate within minutes of extraction. 

The resulting texture is often ‘pulpy’ and ‘chunky’ juice with a high solid content and thicker/inconsistent mouthfeel.  Cold Pressed Juice, by contrast, has a refreshingly clean, crisp flavour and mouthfeel.

Ever wondered how those big plastic bottles of juice last for so long on the supermarket shelf? It’s all down to the processing. After the juice is extracted from the fruit, it is heat treated and de-aerated, a process that removes all the oxygen and strips away the flavour producing molecules.   

To make the juice taste like juice again, flavour is added back in. To top it all off, synthetic vitamins are then added back in to replace all the goodness lost in the extensive processing the juice goes through.


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Is cold pressed juice good for my health?

At Downtown Cold Pressed Juice, we are committed to creating the healthiest, most delicious, nutrient-dense juice. Our juices are made with the freshest Australian produce and blended with expertise in a state of the art facility. Every drop of liquid goodness is pressed from the fruit and vegetables, bottled and are then ready for you to drink.

Cold pressed juices are a simple, convenient and delicious way to add a bit of nutritional love to your life. They flood your body with energy-boosting nutrients, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

The nutrients in Downtown Cold Pressed Juices are bioavailable, meaning the nutrients are willing and able to work their magic in your body straight away. Being in a liquid form means the nutrients are easily absorbed and hit your bloodstream quickly, giving you an instant burst of energy and delivering the vitamins and minerals to where they are needed most.

Cold press juices are unique in that when they are chilling in the fridge they create layers within the bottle, it’s just the heavier particles sinking to the bottom. This is due to the fact we just use 100% fresh vegetables and fruit in our blends.

No nasties added that force the particles to hang out where they shouldn’t. All it means is you have to SHAKE IT BABY. Give that bad boy a quick shake before you drink it and the juice will be right to go.

We like to keep things clean at Downtown Cold Pressed Juice Co, so we don’t add any nasties. No sugar, no preservatives, no emulsifiers, no artificial flavours. Each bottle of juice is 100% fruit and vegetables. Our nut milk blends are vegan, dairy free and processed sugar free.

Check out our range of delicious and nutrient-packed cold pressed juices.  And if you are game, try a healthy cleanse and detox.