The Top 10 Reasons to Juice Cleanse

Downtown Juice Co cleanses are bursting with life and are designed with optimising your health in mind. The raw cold pressed juices in our cleanses are a delicious way to give your digestive system a break and flood it with bioavailable nutrients. There are many reasons we believe a juice cleanse is the way to go to reset and recharge.

1. You want to kick some unhealthy eating habits

A juice cleanse can help press the reset button on how you have been eating and thinking about food. When you fast for 2, 3 or 5 days your body is given a break and allows you time to focus on a healthier way of eating. A juice cleanse can help give increased awareness of what you normally choose to put in your body and create the motivation to make positive change towards a healthier lifestyle.

One of the benefits is that allows the taste buds to recalibrate and cravings for sugary and highly processed foods diminishes. Fresh fruit and vegetables will start to taste exactly as they should and not be dulled by an avalanche of poor food choices.

2. Give your digestive system a break

The typical Western diet most people consume is often full of the wrong type of fats, highly refined carbohydrates, too much meat and processed foods, as well as excessive amounts caffeine and alcohol. All this can play havoc with your gut and its ability to digest and absorb the nutrients in your food. By taking time out with a juice cleanse you allow your digestive system time to heal and recalibrate.

3. Naturally increases your energy levels

The juices in Downtown’s cleanses are designed to provide the body with a burst of energy giving nutrients. Rich in energy dense macronutrients and plenty of B group vitamins that help the body unlock that energy, a cleanse floods your system with bioavailable nutrients that get to work straight away. Each glass bottle of goodness provides you with sustained energy, as well as all the vitamins, mineral and phytonutrients your needs, to get you through your day.

4. Helps your body detoxify

Modern life has seen us inundated with more chemicals than ever before. We breathe them in, we eat them, we drink them, we rub them into our skin, we wear them, sleep on them, the list goes on and on. We can take measures within our lives to minimise our contact with toxins. A cleanse allows our digestive system a little break from all the super hard work we place on it.

Whilst we fully appreciate the amazing job of detoxing the body does on its own, yay body, we also know that sometimes the body can do with a little help. A juice cleanse can reduce the number of toxins ingested because our juices are 100% natural with no nasties added. By taking a break from your normal diet you are also stepping away from all the usual additives found in food we may consume on a daily basis. Research also shows us that an increased toxic load from a modern day life, especially pollution, preservatives and caffeine, can inhibit the detoxification process.

5. Get a better night’s sleep

Feeling like the zzzzzs you have been grabbing lately haven’t left you feeling refreshed and vitalised, it is definitely time to take action on your sleep health. Your sleep health is a good indicator of your overall health, when you eat well you sleep well.

Good quality sleep is super important to optimal health. It allows the body to rest and repair as well as reducing the risk for a variety of chronic diseases. Downtown juice cleanses are designed to provide your body with all the nutrients that help you improve your sleep quality.

6. Kick start your weight loss goals

Whilst weight loss isn’t a goal of a juice cleanse, it can be a pleasant side effect. Any weight loss achieved during a cleanse can be temporary, especially if you fall back on bad habits when you finish. However, if you are planning on embarking on a new regime of eating healthy, natural whole foods in order to take control over your weight and overall health, then a juice cleanse is a delicious way to kick it all off.

7. All the hard work is done for you

By undertaking a 1, 3 or 5 day juice cleanse you are giving your body a break from all the pressures a modern western diet can place on the digestive system. All the nutrients in our fresh juices are bioavailable and in liquid form, so the body is ready to use all that goodness straight away. A cleanse also gives you a break from thinking about food, no more standing in front of the fridge at 6 o’clock trying decide what to make for dinner. There is also no need to shop, prepare, juice or clean that juicer, it is all done for you. All you need to do is pop your delicious juices in the fridge once they have been delivered to your door.

8. A juice cleanse is super hydrating

We all know we need to consume plenty of water each day. The reality though is that most of us fail to drink required 2-3 litres of filtered water to maintain healthy cells and a highly efficient gastrointestinal system. A juice cleanse ensures that we are hydrating every single cell with not only water but also all nutrients required for our body to work at its best.

9. Improve your skin, hair and nail health

We all want to look our best with shiny hair, radiant skin and strong nails. The juices within the Downtown cleanses are full of vitamins and mineral that actively work to improve the health of your skin, hair and nails. Your friends will be asking what the secret to your success is.

10. It’s a big old act of self-love.

Devoting some time to just you is super important in this busy world we live in. Taking care of your body by feeding it well and moving it often is a massive act of self-love. A juice cleanse enables you take time out from the humdrum of routine and devote some time to looking after just you. A juice cleanse can also provide positive benefits to overall mood. Fasting has been shown to help alleviate tension, anger and boost overall mood. Think of it like a big warm hug for your body and mind.

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